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Little mystery (BB vs Button) at the Online Poker Forum - bb: 23 bb sb: 52 bb Hero (BTN): (46 bb) Preflop: all folds, Hero is (BTN) with Terrible play with TPTK or just unlucky (vs two pair - went ***** 888poker Hand History for Game 492769364 ***** 0.02/0.05 Blinds No Limit Holdem - *** 18 12 2017 23:38:50 Table Junin 9 Max (Real Big Blind vs Small Blind Strategy When Short-Stacked in Poker Making the right decision in the big blind in blind vs blind battles is Crucial when short-stacked in tournaments. Learn to navigate these tricky spots here FanDuel vs. DraftKings - Top Online DFS Sites Compared

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15% is not a "range" but an opening frequency, so maybe the opponent is not playing top15, then there are differentso k8 is an easy fold vs 15% frequency of raise preflop. things change a bit ifAw too bad pokerstars ban calculator tools. I play Bovada and I use the free calculator from Ace poker drills. Help - Range Criteria Explained - Pokerini Poker Hand … Range Criteria Explained. When specifying a starting hand range for a hand, the starting hands are rankedPokerini Poker Hand Calculator provides several different starting hand rankings for each game.The "50% vs. 10%" criteria is the ranking of all starting hands versus Player A's top 10% list. Poker Odds - Range Calculator for Android - APK Download

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With the hand range calculator, you can calculate a range against various ranges with or without board- and dead-cards with a given range of equity. Just enter the hands, ranges and/or board in the main window and click the hand range calculator button right to an empty input field, where the calculated range should be inserted. Tools for hand range calculation - Online Poker Strategy Tools for hand range calculation Hand Ranges: Tools for Analysis Calculating hand ranges can get pretty complicated. It's not especially hard -- far from it. But in order to accurately pin an opponent on a range, you need lots of information; so you'll want to use all the poker software tools you can get your hands on. Poker Hand Analysis Software - EZAnalyzer What is EZAnalyzer. EZAnalyzer is a new kind of Poker analysis software, made specifically for conducting more effective session reviews. To that end, it gives you the perfect level of detail, going beyond a simple equity calculator, yet keeps things simple without getting into complicated GTO concepts. Preflop Poker Range Construction & Analysis [+Free Helpful ...

Flopzilla is an easy to use and extremely fast poker calculator. Figure out how a range hits a board and improve your skills. Read more and download on our website!

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