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interface breakout slot 2 port 1 - 6 map 10g-4x The only problem I have now is that after doing that and powering off and powering back on the module I don't have any new ports. Module 2 seems to have disappeared entirely. Cisco Bug: CSCvc87695 - N5672UP-16G module 3 offline if port ... Conditions: Module 3 offline issue seen only with breakout port range 1-3. Range 1-6 and 4-6 no issues. Hafnium-new-2(config)# interface breakout slot 3 port 1-3 map 10g-4x Interface breakout configured. Please poweroff and no poweroff the module QSFP-40G-SR4 to four SFP-10G-SR - Cisco Community interface breakout slot port map 10g-4x . I believe you have to specify the port range as groups of 3 on the 5600 platform and they are on module 2 so the command would look like this: interface breakout slot 2 port 1-3 map 10g-4x to breakout the first 3 40G ports into 12 10G ports. Forty Gig interfaces which were configured as breakout no ...

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interface ethernet [chassis_ID/] slot/ QSFP_port/ breakout_port [/.subintf port-no] To change the ports configuration back to 40 Gigabit Ethernet mode, use the no form of the interface breakout slot command as follows: no interface breakout slot slot-number port port-range map 10g-4x Configuring Interfaces in Breakout Mode - CommandorAction Purpose •port-range—Singleportorrangeofports onwhichbreakoutisconfigured. Savesthechangesbycopyingtherunning configurationtothestartupconfiguration. Solved: Breakout configuration Cisco N5K - Cisco Community

Jul 9, 2018 ... Understanding Product IDs; Understanding NCS5500 slot ... Supported optics; Ethernet only on grey interfaces; Breakout-cable; Interface identification ... 0/1/ CPU0 NC55-36X100G-A-SE IOS XR RUN NSHUT 0/1/NPU0 ... NCS-1RU-FAN- FW, NCS 5500 1RU Chassis Fan Tray Port-S Intake / Front-to-back.

Configuring Breakout cable :: Sonny Kristoffer Lachica interface breakout slot 2 port 1-3 map 10g-4x. Базовые сведения о работе с коммутаторами Cisco... /… К access порту подключаются, как правило, оконечные устройства, не умеющие работать с тегированным трафиком, а к trunk – каналы для передачи данных по различным VLAN в сети. Конфигурация access- порта предельно проста, и выглядит примерно так Topic: I2C Interface breakout | OpenSprinkler | Forum

PCIe Serial Card - 2 Port | With Breakout Cable |

The first time I’ve installed this on a 2821 router, I didn’t see any serial interfaces at all in the show ip int br output, as shown below.Router#show ip int br Interface IP-Address OK? Method Status Protocol GigabitEthernet0/0 unassigned YES unset administratively down down GigabitEthernet0/ 1... Breakout Board (Помогите разобраться) | Форум Помогите разобраться с подключением платы: 6 Axis CNC MACH3 Engraving Machine Interface Breakout Board USB PWM Spindle Возможная модель:A932A. Разбираюсь в: Оригинальное описание платы: (для просмотра содержимого...